March 2000



24.03. - 01.03.00



With 7515 companies of 63 countries, in an area of 408839 meters squares, near 700.000 people visitarón this year the CeBIT.

The Fair of Calculation more big of the mundo,donde the innovations are presented in the technique and the novelties in the field of the calculation.

It is it is one "Business Trades", directed to the businessman, to the industry, the science and the finances.

Among the interesting things and innovative, we will mention the following ones:

  • the refregirador intelligent, Screenfridge of Electrolux, controls automatically everything what is in their interior, gives signs when the products they are last; he/she makes orders through the Internet of the faltante, he/she can offer recipes, etc.

  • The monitor of Linen, 100 ecological and recyclable%.

  • The video with hard disk, that is to say the movies won't be recorded in a magnetic tape, but in the hard disk.

  • A super computer of Silicom Graphics 540", with a memory of 2 gigabyte.

  • Telephone mobil of the future of Alcatel, one can receive Texts, films, and music (MP3), graphics can be worked or video, as in the computer.

  • Handys GSM and UMTS, tramportan data with 64.000 Bits per second, can to carry out takings of video and then to reproduce them, not only through of a communication station, but to inclination of outlying apparatuses as computadora,impresora.


The " ITB " The International Bag of Tourism in


The fair of bigger tourism of the world with 8808 exhibitors of 177 countries.

In this fair, those ministries of tourism and the travel agencies, presentarón in pamphlets, postales,videos the best in their countries. With shelves very coloridos,música and typical suits.

Offers of trips directed to all the types of publics: groups, young, old men, families, etc

The Minister of economy Werner Müller, in the inaguación of the " ITB " emphasized, the necessity to strengthen the sustained ecoturismo.
I show that the growth of the tourism at world level, demands that in the future, you organizen tourist packages, with an ecological mentality and a high degree of responsibility in front of the nature and to the man in their means.

Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, presentarón offers of tourism, very interesting, the one denominated Cultural Tourism or Vivencial", where the tourists they have the posiblidad of entering in direct contact with the communities, to share their tradiciones,fiestas, imcorporarse to the domestic tasks and of work, etc.

the Minister of Tourism, I show that in their country you this lifting a campaign of development of the ecological tourism and of concientización of the Ecuadorian one in front of the tourist, on the base of a mutual respetuo, so much in the cultural environment as personal.

The internet and others means Online, strengthens to the tourism, especially in what refers to the turistimotechnological, trips of business, tourism aventura,etc científico,turismo.


Condemned Neo-Nazi to life imprisonment

"The German chancellor Schröder appeals for an Alemanía without racism"

September 2000

The chancellor German Schröder deposits yesterday, together with Government's Minister of Finland Lipponen a crown of offerings, in the tomb of the African Adriano,de 39 years of age, 3 children's father; who was murdered to blows, for three Neo-Nazi in the German city of Dessau.

The Chancellor he/she made a call to the German town, to fight in a consequent way contrá the rasismo and the fascism, only not being based on those laws, but also with the solidarity and the civil anger of the collective.

The Chancellor German greeting the strong sanctions against the Neo-Nazi, murderers of Adriano. One of the murderers, it was condemned to life imprisonment and the other two murderers to 9 years of Juvenile prison.



"Gerhard Schröder, German chancellor and the industrial ones, coincide in the necessity of looking for experts in the one foreigner, to cover the necessities of the industry and the development German technician, in the computer science field and the calculation"

The industry German needs until the year 2003, to prepare near 30.000 specialists in the computer science field and the calculation. To the same one time the German chancellor, authorized the permission at 20.000 the foreigner's specialists, so that they cover the necessities of the industry German.

Undoubtedly the work permission GREEN CARD", it will only be granted for five years.

The permission of work, it is bounded technicians specifically in computer science, Schröder said": here we see from the point of view of economizing, a great chance for Germany."

If Germany he/she wants to occupy a privileged place inside the technology of information, they have to use in a smaller way the development quick of the computer science and the calculation. Unfortunately the German technicians, they can only cover 25% of those requirements, there the necessity to invite technicians foreigners to work in Germany.

There is been elect to technical indues, to be people that adapts very quick to other cultures, they are very hard-working, docile, they learn very quick the languages; they are also very cheap manpower.

The government it will invest near 1,2 trillion marks, for the preparation and formation of personal in the computer science field.




20-25 of March 2000

"The automation of the factory Factory Automatic" it is the motto of the German Industry 2000"

In the it trades industrial of Hanover participarón near 2500 exhibitors of 100 countries, in an area of 100.000 square meters, the visitarón some 300.000 people.

You presentarón innovations in the microelectrónica, microsystemas, hardware and softaware; that will radically change the structure and operation of the companies.

The rasante I develop of the construction of machines, the electronics and the computer science, they are constituted in the stimulating catalyst of the investment, in the field of the investigation and improvement of the robotécnica.

The machine, every time he/she becomes more intelligent: they can feel, to see, to hear, to communicate, etc; the machines become every time but small and cheap. With big production indicés,

That class of technology, it was presented for the first time in the Fair of roboécnica in Hanover.

To weigh of the quick automation of the Industry, they won't have in the future factories without men.

The machines they become complex and intelligent, but the care, the maintenance, the adapatación, they will always be a human task.

Undoubtedly many people will lose their work positions, but at the same time engineers will be needed that can combine the microelectrónica and the computer science.

For that reason it becomes necessary, the establishment of the calculation and the computer science in all school or educational establishment, like part of their pensum of studies.



At the moment they are carried out a sinnúmero of investigations in animals: as cats, dogs, monkeys, conejillos of Indians, mice or domestic pigs; cultivating òrganos that they are capable for a possible transplantación in the man.

Later of proving the compatibility before with the animals logged, it has been concluded that the organs of the " pig ", are those that more they resemble the organs human, as the heart, kidneys and livers.

For what the organs of the pig?

  • The pigs have a similar anatomy to that of the man
  • The pigs in general, they are healthier than the monkeys
  • The breeding of the pig it is easier
  • It doesn't exist" bad it makes aware or blame feeling for the death of a pig

Those rísicos:

virus or bacterias that are defenseless for the pig, for the man would be mortal.

Possible transplantaciones at world level:

Hearts Kidneys
1996 - 3200 1996 - 3700
2110 - 111.000 2110 - 300.000